[ S O L V E D ] Black Screen GTX 750 ti Games freezes all the time.

I bought a GTX 750 ti video card last year for gamming. It worked well for a while. But suddenly my games were crashing all the time at random.

The famous BSOD (Black screen of death) appeared at the best moments in my games, sometimes the sound was also looping and others the system was responding but the screen was dead.

I tried changing the PSU (Power supply unit) and also tried with different video cards but all seemed to work well, so the issue must be my GTX 750 ti video card.

I have 2 Windows installations. One is Windows 7 x64 and the other is Windows 8.1 x64. In both cases with the same games installed the card crashed. That's how I knew it was a hardware/driver related issue.

After cheking the video card specifications I realized the GPU core was intended to be run between 1020 MHz and 1085 MHz.

So I installed a program called MSI AfterBurner for underclocking the video card.

I installed this program and set the GPU speed and Memory speed toggled on for displaying when playing a game.

As I started a game I realized the GPU was running at 1333 MHz causing the video card to crash after a while, could be seconds or minutes.

After underclocking the GPU and Memory speeds, all went back to be stable again.

Here is the step by step process.

  1. Download MSI AfterBurner from here
  2. Install it.
  3. Run it.
  4. If you want to have the GPU core speed and Memory speed displayed when playing your game go to preferences and enable them (in AfterBurner under the Monitoring tab).

Wrong GPU Configuration

bad specs gpu

wrong gpu overclock

Good GPU Configuration

good specs
Power to 80%.
Core Clock -250.
Memory Clock -250.
Press the apply button after making the changes.

nice underclock stable

I assume that one of the nVidia drivers after been updated changed the core default speed causing the video card to be overclocked as a default.


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  1. thank you so much for this, this got it fixed!! thnx!!! :D

  2. you sir, are a true hero.

  3. Worked for me, thank you!

  4. i did this, and it solved my problem too at least for a couple minute. And it come again, the black screen of death. Any suggestion for my problem ?