This workaround fixes the issue that prevents to  watch a video in your second screen while using your pc. For those who didn't try it yet, if you watch a video in fullscreen mode, you won't be able to use the other screen, because at the moment you make a click in the other screen, the video resizes back (FLASH FAIL!).
With that said, let's jump to the solution.

Step 1:

Make sure you know which Flash Player version is currently installed on your pc.
The best way to do this, is by opening a web browser to
www.youtube.com and play a any video you like.Then right click on the video while playing and  choose "about.." You'll be taken to the flash player about page, where it says your current version.

IT HAS TO SAY to continue with this tutorial.

Step 2:

I'll resume the next steps.
You will have to modify a .dll file with an hex editor, remember to save a backup.
Don't worry, it is really a peace of cake.
Download the hex editor XVI32.

Step 3:

Now Open this file with XVI32
If you have Windows 32 Bits (XP/VISTA/7) installed:

If you are on Windows 64 Bits (XP/VISTA/7) installed:

note: if you want this solution to be applied for Google Chrome
then the file is located in:

 (make sure you change your username in the "YOURUSER" area.

Step 4:    

IN XVI32 go to Adress > Go to.
Then paste this in the search query 180DA7.
Look the line  that contains 48 74 39 83 E8 07
Then REPLACE 74 39 with 90 90 without the quotes of course.
We almost finish.!
Now save the changes. (it won't let you modify the file if any application   is using it, just close the youtube video.
Make sure that the  NPSWF32.dll backup file is in another directory.
If you just copy and paste the NPSWF32.dll file it won't work.
I believe that an integrity check is done inside the directory every time you
play a flash video and it will detect the file copied.
Dont leave it in the same directory as the modified NPSWF32.dll because it wont work.
Well try it if you don't believe me. I don't know why, but it is just true, I double checked it.

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